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Special details goes into every customer, every bike, and every job. Our ability to take an idea and produce original designs is what sets our bikes ahead of the competition.

Our Services

We help you do the general maintenance on your motorcycle.


We build custom motorcycles , Bobbers, choppers, baggers, ccafe race and more. Contact us to discuss your project.


Shop new, used, hard to find parts and accessories at the shop. Looking for a part? Call us to be sure you're getting the right part for your project and for a free price quote!


Led lights strip,led head lights and more

how to convert your motorcycle into a trike

Motor Trike

Motor Trike, Inc. manufactures conversions that transform two-wheeled motorcycles into three-wheeled trikes. Motor Trike is one of the nation’s leading trike conversion manufacturers. In the powersports industry a trike is a motorcycle that promises the thrill of the wind in your face, while also offering the stability and comfort of riding on three wheels.

we are motor trike dealer

Specialize in converting Honda, Harley Davidson, Victory, Kawasaki, and Triumph motorcycles into trikes. With a network of over 250 dealers it’s easy to find a dealer near you from which to purchase your trike conversion kit and have it installed.

See & Make a Reviews


brakes are great!! I will have my ride tomorrow 4 July!!! will do business again! Thank you!! Laz!

Dan Hasp


Waldo sin palabras es un MAESTRO. Ya solucionó el problema eléctrico de mi Moto una carrera perfecta. Gracias.

Reynaldo Avila


I had a good expirience on this place. Brought my own tires to be installed on my bike. He did just that. Great job. Plus he helped me out with a clutch problem I had and I didn’t even know. For free. So. had a good overall experience there.

Camila Smith


Took my bike there with parts that I provided. Awesome experience, while he had a lot of bikes in the shop, he got my bike back to me in a very reasonable amount of time. My bike has never run better. Thank you Waldo

Bob Brown


Their paint and body staff are excellent! Vehicle looks like it never had an accident.  excellent job!

Kevin Taylor


Excelente servicio, rápido y amigable. Espere ser tratado con respeto y honestidad cuando trabaje con ellos. Ciertamente les traeré otros trabajos según sea necesario.

Tyler Key


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